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OTS Experiential Modules

It's not just's the unforgettable experience!

Below are our “everything included” off-the-shelf packages which serve as many as six (6) youth. The packages are perfect for the classroom or a birthday party. We provide detailed instructions and support for any questions, challenges, or modifications needed to maximize the impact of the experience for your youth...just ask!

Though the Excavation Module is a stand-alone experience, the BioChemistry (we combined the Biology and Chemistry Modules) is not for individual sale - we only list it so you can review the detailed information about the modules as add-ons for the Excavation Module. And, with the CORE Experience Package you can get BOTH the BioChemistry & Language Decoding Modules for a little bit more than $10 when combined with the  Excavation Module, which is a pretty good deal.  

If you have more than six (6) participants, just let us know and we'll provide a quote. As a non-profit we understand tight budgets, so we'll do our best to minimize the expense for your group or organization.

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