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The Alien Excavation Module launches the entire ACSI experience! Participants excavate a simulated soil block which contains various "alien" items (including Alien bones!) mixed with our more familiar Earth-bound items!


The Alien Excavation Module's Dig Brick contains all the items which are analyzed in the other modules. The coolest part are the "alien" bones, which you have to break apart in order to extract the alien blood!


Items included:

  • Exavation Mallet
  • Simulated Excavation Dig Brick
  • Alien artifacts: bones, fuel, messages and more!
  • Chisel
  • Brush
  • Gloves
  • Facemasks (due to Covid19 mask shortages, masks may be replaced with bandana)
  • Excavation Report
  • Student Guide
  • Facilitator Manual
  • Name Tags
  • Drawstring Sack
  • Body Aprons


The excavation process can get a bit messy, so outside is best and preferred (we encourage getting the youth outside!), but by no means necessary -- a large trash bag (or tarp) is more than adequate to keep things relatively easy to clean up.


Estimated Total Time to Complete: 60 - 90 minutes (can be broken up over several sessions).

Alien Excavation Module - The One that Started It ALL!

  • We will happily replace any damaged or missing items. Contact us at: or email us at

  • Item can be shipped within U.S. S&H $9.99

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