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What is Alien CSI?

“Oh SNAP! Aliens!”

Teams of students "stumble" upon an Alien crash site and they have to determine the who, what, where and why of the Alien beings…and then they must "warn" the outside world!

Alien Crash-site Investigation (ACSI) is a modular experience, providing from 1 to 36 hours of programming for grades 4th - 12th. These are self-contained programs which teachers, homeschoolers, camp leaders and out-of-school programs can implement within your existing programming or as stand-alones.

You will receive EVERYTHING you need to sharpen your students' CSI applied skills in intergalactic biology, drones, rocket chemistry, alien language, orienteering, electronics, decryption and MUCH more.

Realism and Fun!

Alien CSI is so much fun that your kids won’t even recognize that they are learning the formative content, teamwork and critical thinking skills which will impact them for the rest of their lives!


21st Century Learning Skills to a GALACTIC level!

We make the process easy and user-friendly for administrators, community folks, teachers, camp staff and parents to have fun...and learn a few things! 


It's Plug-n-Play!

There is absolutely no reason why learning shouldn't be intriguing and exhilarating!

Curiosity & Responsibility!

ACSI is focused on unleashing the curiosity and creativity of our youth. We focus on the balance between high-tech, cool tools with the low-tech fundamentals which undergird science and critical thinking.


Even more importantly, we excite the natural exploration of the human spirit, especially when it comes to the exploration of our Universe, but also recognizing the importance of being responsible, sustainable stewards of Mother Earth. 

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