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Summer 2020 Shaker Challenge


Shaker Heights Youth...ONE last chance for 2020!

The youth from Blue and Green made it happen!

And...we can fit in one more cohort, RED, before the end of the summer!

Opening and using their cool kits, students learn Astronomy, Biochemistry, Orienteering, and Encryption through real-world activities. This exciting program ends with a real-world investigation of an "Alien" crash site right in Shaker Heights! And in-between the home-based kit challenges and the crash site investigation, your youth engage in brain-challenging, creative on-line activities.


The kits are completely self-contained and youth-driven, meaning YOU don't have to be an expert in anything other than holding back your own enthusiasm!


Courtesy of New One Shaker and our other supporting funders, your youngsters get to participate in this OUT-OF-WORLD experience for FREE!

We (and your youth) practice physical distancing, disinfection, and very small group practices. But, we still expect everyone to practice responsible risk prevention, as well as communicating with us about the physical well-being of your child while they are participating.

Cohort RED, our last experience of the summer will kick off on August 29th with the Kit distribution and wrap-up on September 5th with the Field Experience at Southerly Park.

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