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Recent Competitions

Upward Bound/TRIO                              June 11th - June 29th, 2018                     Completed

Ninja Turtles                                                               1st Place

Blue                                                                             2nd Place

STAR                                                                            3rd Place

Blackie 200                                                                 Runner-up

Cuyahoga Community College            April 9th - May 18, 2018                           Completed

Shaw High School                                                     1st Place

MC2 STEM                                                                 2nd Place

Whitney M. Young High School                              3rd Place

EdAdventures                                                            Best Practices Award

Cleveland, OH (Professional Development)    Sept. 11, 2018                        Completed

Cleveland, OH (Professional Development)    Sept. 18, 2018                        Completed

Cleveland, OH   (School Programs)                August - November 2018         Completed

*** REGIONALS (Northeast, Ohio)       November 16, 2018                            Completed

Upcoming Events

Northeast Ohio  (Summer Programming)        June - August 2019                      Open

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