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COVID-19 Programming

An Out-of-the-World Solution to the COVID-19 Youth Engagement Challenge

COVID-19 has presented a serious of challenges including, but not limited to:

  • Disrupting the institutional-based learning process

  • Lack of structured and engaging activities to funnel youth energy and interest

  • Challenging Social Distancing Dynamics

  • Increased Anxiety & Hyper-Anxiety

  • Slow Adoption of Critical Hygiene Protocols

  • Inadequate Adult and Near Peer Up-Staffing



Our Alien Contact Response (ACR) Experience!

Essentially, students are "drafted" to respond to an Alien Contact -- similar to what you see in movies and TV shows where a government agency responds to an alien encounter. During the AER experience youth learn and use real-world (but simplified) personal safety protocols while investigating the alien site. Accordingly, they get to "play act" while learning both professional content and having experiences which will encourage them to explore STEM careers, in general, and health and emergency professions, specifically.   


By implementing ACSI Alien Contact Response Experiences, youth (and adults) will:

  • Encourage youth to embrace and engage in assigned, self-directed, on-line and at-home learning as a prerequisite to participating in the exciting ACSI real-world simulations.

  • Reduce personal anxiety about COVID-19, by normalizing personal prevention measures and neutralizing current “end of the world” social media messaging.

  • Provide hands-on training and practicing of reasonable personal hygiene practices which youth can implement at home and with peers.

  • Increase interest in STEM-related occupations through simulations which are designed to stimulate and engage youth in interesting 21st Century activities, skills and concepts.

  • Deployed structured activities for youth to engage while institutional and large group youth providers develop, prepare and implement “new normal” programs.



Call (216.395.7284), email (, or use our contact form and we’ll gladly provide a customized and extremely affordable ACR Program for your unique situation!

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