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Summer 2020 Shaker Challenge


Shaker Heights Youth...This one is for YOU!

Alien CSI just for our Shaker youth! A blended program starting with a home kit featuring activities in Astronomy, Biochemistry, Orienteering, and Encryption. This exciting program ends with a real-world investigation of an "Alien" crash site right in Shaker Heights! And in-between the home-based kit challenges and the crash site investigation, your youth engage in brain-challenging, creative on-line activities.

Parents! Don't worry about a thing, the kits are completely self-contained and youth-driven, meaning YOU don't have to be an expert in anything other than holding back your own enthusiasm -- if you want your own kit, just give us a call...don't take your kid's kits!


Programming starts on...wait...did we say free? Yes, courtesy of New One Shaker and our other supporting funders, your youngsters get to participate in this OUT-OF-WORLD experience for FREE!

Orientation and Kit distribution for Cohort 1 is on July 11th and Cohort 2 on July 18th. The Final SUPER Investigation event happens on July 25th.


And yes, COVID is everywhere. So we (and your youth) will practice physical distancing, disinfection, temperature-taking, and very small group practices. But, we still expect you to practice responsible risk prevention and communicating with us about the physical well-being of your child while they are participating.

Slots are very limited, so don't wait! Click here to register. 

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