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Time is you and your team have the courage and will to save humanity?

2nd Annual


21st Century Challenge


Youth from 4th grade (and up) learn real life STEAM skills and use them to solve multiple challenges during the year. Inherent to analyzing the alien "artifacts" from another world are the health and safety protocols which are standard in dealing with our current COVID situation. 


Astronomy, Biochemistry, Robotics, Orienteering, Encryption, and MORE...your child will never be the same!


From those little joys when they receive a package with their name on it, to the new friendships built from working together on exciting challenges, to developing a sustainable mind-set to heal a world which is waiting for them, Alien CSI's 21st Century Challenge is the type of experience we wanted when we were kids!


ACSI_ACR_1st Artifact.jpg

CHALLENGE 3: Uh-oh...something is wrong! We've discovered something which requires you to SUIT UP and handle it! Just like those secret agencies putting on their biosuits & analyzing the specimen. It doesn't get anymore real world than this!

CHALLENGE 4: Your Alpha Team is tasked with establishing a new way of sustaining life on earth and your Bravo Team must travel to an unknown planet and terraform it. But wait, what if there is somebody...something already there? What do we do?   

CHALLENGE 1: We'll deliver an everything-you-need kit. Unpack it and in the comfort of your home or class, you'll learn to excavate and analyze the alien artifacts.  It's up to you to figure: who they are, where they came from, and how they communicate. 

CHALLENGE 2: You & your team stumble upon an exotic outdoor location and excavate a simulated crash site. It'll take everything you learned from CHALLENGE 1 and the combined efforts of your team to complete the challenge and notify the world of your find!


Alien CSI 21st Century Challenge -- Where Learning Meets Disneyland!


Your kid (or kids) will not only have a blast they will come out stronger, smarter and better citizens. A21 (that’s what we call it) is technically accurate and will prepare your child, regardless of their background, for a world where grit, perseverance, and teamwork are the KEYS to success.



Our international experts (here) are second to none in their fields. And we, the founders, well…we’re just big kids ourselves -- we just want to make sure that A21 stays fun and as the kids say 


EVERYTHING you need is contained in each kit. And don’t worry about YOU having to become an expert -- our kits are designed so your child can guide themselves to the finish line. Whether they participate in Challenge 1 or the entire Challenge Course (36 weeks), they will come out ready to take on and change the world!

Cost? Yes, we have to pay significant bills to bring A21 to you, but our goal is to maximize the number of young people who can participate. For $99 you get everything and when we say “everything” we mean EVERYTHING, the whole enchilada, CHALLENGES 1, 2, 3, and 4! But even “everything” can be formidable during these difficult times, so we do have full & partial scholarships available. Slots are limited.


begins August 15, 2020

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