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Like many of us, something pulled our trigger when we were a kid and it led us along some kind of path. And that’s our mission: to internally INSPIRE our youth and propel them towards their goals and dreams.  

Of course, our mission isn’t much different from most folks and organizations which care about our kids, families, communities and the world. We’re a spoke in a very important wheel.


Our spoke just happens to be creating innovative and impelling experiences and programs. And, we’re good at it because we’re just big kids ourselves who want to have fun or at least be passionate about contributing something positive to the world.

Soooooo, take a gander at what we are doing. If you like it, take advantage of it and share ALIEN CSI with the world. If you don’t, PLEASE tell us what you don’t like – your candid honesty is critically important to us being and doing better.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and ALOHA!

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