Resouces for Shaker Heights Summer Kits

Here you will find the on-line activities and resources for the New One Shaker Summer 2020 Experience.  

The links (in the boxes below) will connect you with videos referenced in your Kit.


Using a Cipher Wheel



So, while doing your excavation, you found a scrap of paper with some dots and dashes on it. We figure that you were able to translate it into English and thought, "What could this mean?" is the name of a star and now your 1st Mission is to:


  1. Go on-line and in the search bar of your web browser type in the star name (which you translated from Morse Code) and "NASA".

  2. The returned search results will give you the name of a specific planet which NASA is really excited about discovering.

  3. Find out as much information as you can about this planet.

  4. Draw and describe the life form which you believe could live on the planet.

  5. Take a picture of your alien and email it to us ( Along with the picture or in a separate email tell us why you believe your would survive on this planet.

If you have any challenges, be sure to contact us at We're here to help.